MIT Grid Energy Storage Symposium Considers Battery Alternatives

We’ve blogged here at coolingZONE about a couple of companies doing energy storage.   In our article, “How ABB Made Long Distance Energy Transport a Reality” we noted LightSail Energy (energy storage in compressed air) and in “Sustain X Builds out Energy Storage For Renewables” we notes some new energy storage approaches, studies and Sustain X’s approach to energy storage as well (energy storage in compressed air).   To continue our coverage of energy transport, storage and renewables we’re posting here a recorded symposium from MIT, “Grid Energy Storage: Beyond Batteries”.  This is an hour long, expert panel discussion covering this topic.   GreenTech Media Editor-In-Chief, Eric Wesoff, is the moderator.

Topics covered include:

  • Where are the best business opportunities for these start-ups — at green energy farms? on the grid? or at the consumer’s home or business?
  • What are key metrics to make this economically viable, without subsidies? Efficiency, life-time costs, Capex?
  • Will advances in traditional pumped hydro and compressed air prevail over battery/chemical technologies?
  • Which countries are leading in Energy Storage on/off the grid?
  • When will these new technologies become profitable?
  • How and when will US utility companies get on-board?